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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  March 16, 2014 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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deserves. >> he should be our mascot or maybe on the panel. >> you andjonas. >> all right. did big labor just deliver a big blow to obamacare? hi, everyone, glad to have you. neil cavuto. it was the very first union to endorse senator barak barak? >> people are working hard, they're doing the right thing and they deserve decent wages and decent benefits. >> so much for that, because now those very workers have ripping the president's health care law, where they say are riping into their decent pay and decent benefit. charles payne, what do you make of this? >> well, i kind of see at this time other way. i think president obama hit theen whys with a big blow.
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i got to tell you, the president is building this giant utopian welfare society. it's very expensive. we got the highest corporate tax in the world. we got to go for the money. by the way the unions have money. they're learning a hard way at the end of the day on the pecking order the environment ammists are up there. president obama is up there. they're starting to fade, they don't like it. it's starting to pocket. >> i think if you read this report from this union group, it says they approve of the effort to extend coverage for the under and uninsured. as long as we don't have to pay for it and our health insurance doesn't change in anyway. >> by the way, i will point out the new battle front and the one that is looming is the cadillac excise tax of 40% on very large health insurance plans, because that is going to hit. >> you knew that. >> that is going to-it the unions both private sector and public sector squarely. already, employers and cities
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and states are trying to massage the health care coverage the reason workers get. >> she's right. >> i think this proves you need part of the 1%. >> we should start an occupied movement union next. listen, they get very good benefits. they make a decent amount of money. they are a part of the 1%. if this system is going to ply, they have to pay. >> they are not a part of the 1%. >> they make a lot of money. when you work for the union, you do okay. >> i don't think we can make a general statement. >> by any chance, were you a child of a union worker? >> yes. >> it's in overtime. >> adam. quickl quickly. >> well, i think we, you all need the get past your hatred of the president's health care law. >> i love it.
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>> that's mean. >> first of all, charles, i mean, president obama didn't create the united states as a welfare state. >> you are trying to recreate the welfare state. >> reagan, so nothing could be further from the truth. second of all, you know, going back to the tiny clip of president obama when he was a senator saying he was in favor of decent wages and decent benefits hardly condemns him. i understand the union's objection. that's fine. let them object. everybody can object. the key should be to try to make this health care law work better not to tear it down. >> we chose that at a time when there was a shift among union backers from hillary clinton to the president. that's why that was chosen. by the way, ben stein. >> thank you. >> ben stein. what do you make of this? if you are losing your friend, it's bachltd that is on this
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healthcare law beginning with waivering democrats, union backers. what is to become of this? >> well, mr. obama does front his backers. what i don't like this idea is income equality has become an obsession with media and the president and with everybody. i'd go back to our brilliant colleague charles payne said early weeks ago, indemnity is not on this thing and obamacare and overtime pay. it's based upon the fact that people don't acquire education, don't acquire human capital, don't acquire work skills and are unable, trevor, to join the middle class. that's the real problem. it's not some little blip in obamacare. obamacare is a further hepp episode of government meddleing. but the real reason people are not in the middle class is by and large. >> i totally disagree with you. >> that is one factor. so are all the other factors. i don't know why you would criticize the president and others for raising such an
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important issue because it is an important issue. it relates to health care. >> quickly. i'll finish quickly. improving access to health insurance for as many americans as possible is one way to solve this problem. one way. >> all right. i was going to interrupt. >> i agree with you there. >> but charles payne, here's the point. the issue is health care itself which started as being a great fad to unions and all those arguing for it. the more it's reality. now the more reality is hitting back, the more they're saying this isn't what we want. >> and now that, chickens are him quoing on thef radio, it's not great. >> it's extraordinarily expensive. everybody knew. there were promises made or strongly hint to that that certain people wouldn't have to put anyics in to get in the game. unions in a cadillac plan were wink-wink off the table.
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>> they were hurt. they will get hit. >> they will get hit. >> it's a stretch to call eight part of the 1%. let's face it, you said it, public sector unions do very little. a fireman in orange county retires with a nice pension. he makes a lot of money on overtime. he's much more -- >> he is. >> he's much more middle class than president obama portrays. they will have to get sucked into this mess like everybody else. >> he is right in terms of executives and white collar workers. many of them union members have the same type of very luxurious health care benefits. >> and pension benefits. >> i want to point out one thing about income and equality because this health care law because of the cadillac health care taxes coming down the pike 2018, a lot of companies are already acting in advance of that. you now have high deductible plans for the workers. workers are paying more premiums
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and out of pocket expenses, but that hurts their own income, what they're taking how many. how is that helping those people who need hire and comps? instead, they're taking home less money because of health care costs. >> you know the best point to pick up on that point with you, just because we had a lot of deadlines pushed back, doesn't mean the company sid still has to plan for their eventual arrival. companies are going to telegraph what they will do to those workers, those benefits. so they will get them, i would assume, a lot of advanced warning on this, when that news starts coming for a lot of americans and folks in general who don't much like change, regardless of whether they pay more for it or not and most will pay more, it's not going to go down well, is it? >> well, it's not going to go down well. the fact is mr. obama has a dedicated core of followers and liberals and the economic aspect groups. they're not going to desert them. we fund this, we middle class people can desert him and not
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like him. he has a solid work factor. >> you are middle class? >> well, compared with you. compared with you. >> there is middle class sensibility. >> you know, unions aren't middle class is absurd. unions are clearly in the middle class. >> it was the public sector. >> i know. move on. why? >> ben just said, i don't know, i think the white house is saying red flags. it's one thing for people to like you a lot. to argue a lot. to be traditionally on your side, but as this thing goes on, where are the millions of people who were supposedly clamoring for this? why did they lose a special election in florida? what is going on that democrats should be afraid? >> union leaders are trying to get meetings with the white house and officials in the administration trying to unchange what they don't like about this health care law, so far, they're not getting anywhere. >> in the meantime, unions are not just protesting the health care law, some are protesting a
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security. unless someone like you cares a whole lot of lot, nothing is going to get better. it's not. >> a bedtime story from the senate floor but is climate change becoming aboard? americans don't put it high on their list of things that make turns and twists. >> that didn't stop lawmakers from talking all night. to our own ben stein for whom this is giving an awful gripe. >> i've done ad marketing for a long, long time. he's an intelligent guy. congratulation, i have known hi he's a sfrooek freak. it's a freak show. a carnival slide show.
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we don't i don't know e know if climate change is real or man made, certainly, no one in his right mind believes a senate all nighter will change anything much. what it's about is a diversion from real problems and also the democrats urging need to control people. if you ask a one-word for the democrats, it's control. control of people'sing as, thoughts, beliefs and republicans don't believe in that. we'd like to be able to do their own thing. to save some control, that's what obama is about. that's what the senate democrat is about. >> it's interesting, i don't care what people's views are on climate change. i have things i can think of a few more pressing, working all night would be important. >> it's like 75% people living paycheck to paycheck? >> this might be one. >> senator kerry reiterated. the secretary of state, this is the most impressing issue. forget about vladmir putin,
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china, syria, this is the most important because it's one degree higher. we need to be afraid. but that's the big point. how do you control people? typically, it works through fear. right now people have more than fear. how the heck do i pay my rent in this economy? >> those gallup polls, economy was first. next to, near the bottom was climate change and the environment because jobs are more important. but, instead, you side, if you are the obama administration with the green movement. with the environmentalists. you don't pass the keystone pipeline. even though the unions are for it. >> take texas. it registered with the dates, whatever. >> i think it's a lease. >> democratic faith love this. there, obviously, is some climate change going only. we don't foe what is causing it. >> you work all night. >> i agree.
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>> senator martin, he's a congressman, is an incredible liberal man. >> he's terribly brilliant. >> he's terribly liberal and fatuous. with herbal life. you know why he would sit there and blow smoke on the taxpayer's time. >> it's not an awful thing. is it a distraction to ben's point and does this show where the mindset, certainly, in washington will be the next couple of years. nothing will get done. we will do this side show stuff. other side show stuff. we will doth not do the real issues, on the left or the right, adam, what do you think? >> i don't agree, i think it's a disservice to say john kerry is not paying attention to ukraine, syria, the middle east and the climate change, nekd secondly, neil, we don't -- let me finish my point. >> one of these things is not like the other.
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this is not dr. zeuss. >> i am not listening to you, you are not giving me my chance. secondly, we don't ask our leaders to pay attention to the issues that rank high in the poll. we ask them to do their job. i don't fault them. >> it's no job. >> to doing what they think is important. it's not like this is the only thing they're dock. come on -- >> you are a terribly brilliant guy, surely somebody -- >> don't call me fatuous. >> terribly, you are very, very brilliant guy, surely, you don't think the senate having an all nighter on climate change is going to affect us at all one way at all period. not one millionth of a degree. >> one thing is you were more ready for the xamg with the
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analysiana -- for the exam with the analysis? >> they are, by the way, already in the process of doubleing the economy standard on cars and light trucks in this company by 2025. that's a huge burden for the auto-makers and anybody. >> they don't have to stay up all night for that. >> that's already in the process, what more do they want to do to this economy? >> did they keep the lights on? >> we don't know. meantime, kids are buying, parents are wondering, goog
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call it passing the buck. parents from suing google over game apps on their phones and tablets, claiming the company makes it too easy for their kids to buy stuff without their permission. charles, what do you make of this? >> it's ridiculous. the parents suing google, step up and be a parent. i will admit it's harder to be a parent today than it ever has been. kids know they have power, they can make a phone call. this is how you get 18-year-olds who sue their parents for all kinds of luxuries and stuff but at some point step up and be a parent. >> someone is scratching at a wound here. all right, diggen, what do you say? >> i'm going to sound like the
8:53 am
biggest fudy dudy. what parent is handing the kid the phone and the child is in a position where they could purchase -- >> these game makers very easy to do. >> blame the -- >> i have two little guys who do just that. the next thing i know there's a ups truck backing up. >> by the way, apple settled with the -- >> absolutely. so there's precedent for this. >> i don't have kids but my 10-year-old nephew did text me the other day which i thought was scary. >> what's scarier, your 75-year-old mother texting you in the middle of the night. >> ben stein, what google's responsibility, the parents' responsibility? >> of course it's the parents' responsibility. it's a further way for people to try to control other people's
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lives. it goes back to my theme, there's a lot of people who get off on controlling other people. so what if the kid does buy a few dollars' worth of stuff. it's not going to ruin most parents. if it does, then they were careless and shouldn't have left their credit card out. this is another control freak issue. >> this is just money lost under the couch. to adam it's different. >> i guess i have to speak as the voice of experience. my 7-year-old asks me sweetly can i buy this. i don't know how long that sweet request is going to last. the technology companies have it in their power to prevent that price gouging. >> how do you know it's gouging? maybe it's a bargain. >> can i just -- >> i don't know if litigation is the right way to solve this but i'm telling you, the technology companies could control this if they tried. >> go ahead. >> do not let them use your phone or your tablet! don't let them play these games.
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>> that's a good one. >> parents give them phones. my nephew has a phone. >> that's the problem. get over yourselves. don't give them access to it. you're all weak lgs, all of you. >> i don't know how it got stuck on this damn site. i want to thank you both very much. when we come back, one month when we come back, one month until tax day, stocks to you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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turn your tax refund into very big returns. charles, what do you got? >> silicon ware, they make any device you have faster, more reliable. i think it's going to continue to break out here. >> adam, what do you make of that pick? >> it's a classic high risk, high reward, way too volatile for my conservative investment tastes. >> what suits your tastes? >> van guard total index, that's the way to play the stock market consistently. >> i assume from that, ben, you like that pick? >> i love that pick a lot. that's a very sensible pick and i have to say adam is a quick learner. it's only taken him a few years for him to get this. >> what do you like, ben? >> b.a., boeing. even though there have been defense cut backs and problems with their airliners, this is an incredibly well managed company.
9:00 am
i don't guarantee it will go up by tax time. >> i don't know what the impact knows that ben doesn't know -- >> great line. >> $5 trillion in sales, they have to make money. >> all of these guys are terribly brilliant or we wouldn't be here. we roll on. coverup, a house committee releasing a scathing report over former irs official lois lerner's involvement in the targeting scandal, is considering holding her in contempt. even without her testimony -- these e-mails from learner are the smoking gun. calling tea party groups dangerous and showing it wasn't just rogue irs workers in cincinnati, a claim the administration kept making, including the president. >> you've got an office in cincinnati in the irs office that i think for bureaucratic reasons is trying


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